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Nova Systems

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Job Satisfaction at Nova Systems

7.7 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 15 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Very up and down with workload
Graduate, Canberra
Being a lower level engineer, you don't have as much say in what work you can do but they will always take your opinions into consideration
Midlevel, Adelaide
My roles and responsibilities include the implementation and use of the Digital Engineering solutions on various projects across the Nova business to gain efficiencies and deliver consistent high quality outcomes to our clients.
Graduate, Canberra
The content is extremely interesting, however some of the work can be a little dry.
Graduate, Newcastle
Having an aerospace engineering and mathematics background, systems engineering is not really for me as my passion lies with the technical side. However I would like to stress that this is my personal position and may not apply to many other graduates. Day-to-day responsibilities primarily involve document writing and creating computational tools to automate some tedious processes.
Graduate, Melbourne
Various tasks within the framework of engineering safety. Review standards for prescription, review technology, talk with users, maintainers and SME's to gain better understanding of requirements.
Graduate, Adelaide
My day-to-day responsibilities include completing systems engineering work by using model-based systems engineering techniques, being agile across digital platforms and being a contributor to team meetings and work efforts in recent business development work I have been assigned. I also like to help out with the graduate group initiatives in making Nova Systems a better place to work.
Graduate, Adelaide
Individual and collaborative work.
Graduate, Canberra
Working with Defence on a number of projects. Creating training materials for a number of Defence and civilian clients. Plenty of training to build up knowledge base and contribute to design work.
Graduate, Brisbane
Understanding the needs of the client, interpreting the relevant regulation or policy guidance, and documenting solutions for the client's specific case.
Midlevel, Canberra
Working with a client and I have been learning a lot and been tasked many assignments. I am constantly learning new skills.
Graduate, Canberra
Rather straightforward to be honest, get in have multiple questions for higher-ups, get answers, work around them, with multiple factors after that