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Nova Systems

  • 500 - 1,000 employees

Sustainability at Nova Systems

8.3 rating for Sustainability, based on 13 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
We have green, recycling and soft plastics bins to try and reduce waste being sent to landfill
Midlevel, Adelaide
Definitely very evident in my office, we deposit cans and bottles, recycle, lots of 'save water' posters, etc,
Graduate, Newcastle
Nova has been proactive in encouraging recycling by implementing organics, mixed recycling and soft plastics bins. I am not aware of extra company efforts beyond this. We do fly a lot for meetings, engagements, workshops and training, and I do not believe there is any initiative from within the company to review travel need or offset that carbon.
Graduate, Adelaide
Very high importance.
Graduate, Adelaide
We have several recycling and waste bins and have reminders in the breakroom for recycling. Our sustainability policy aims to be "one standard deviation" better than our competitor's policies.
Graduate, Brisbane
We have different bins to place items.
Graduate, Canberra
It wants to try and reduce as much as we can, however more can always be done