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Nova Systems

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Working Hours at Nova Systems

8.9 rating for Working Hours, based on 14 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Standard work hours, very open with working from home when projects allow.
Graduate, Canberra
Nova is open to flexible work hours if you discuss reasons for needing them. I have negotiated a slightly later start and finish time to account for some health issues I have been facing and they have been very supportive this
Midlevel, Adelaide
Nova is extremely flexible. You are encouraged to work 40 hour weeks and not do any over time work. There is flexibility to work from home on request.
Graduate, Canberra
Nova is very flexible with hours, they recommend 8 hour days but offer flexibility to do your 40 hours/week whenever best suits you and the project.
Graduate, Newcastle
I tend to work 7.30 AM - 3.30 PM by my preference, Nova is very supportive with flexible hours. When times have been busy and I've booked around 50+ hour weeks, I've received time in lieu for this.
Graduate, Melbourne
Generally 40hrs, flexibility depends on the client
Graduate, Adelaide
Nova Systems encourages a healthy work-life balance, but communication of work expectation could be better managed between supervisors and operations managers (despite the fact that most will not encourage overtime).
Graduate, Adelaide
Highly flexible with respect to start and finish times.
Graduate, Sydney
Fairly flexible work hours
Graduate, Canberra
I work from 7 to 3:30. The company is flexible, as long as it aligns with the client and project one is working on.
Graduate, Melbourne
We have a minimum of 38 working hours per week plus 2 hours of included overtime so we get paid for 40 hours per week. Office hours are generally between 8:30-5:30 however these can be flexible depending on your needs.
Graduate, Brisbane
Standard 40hour working week applies, with a bit of flexibility day to day.
Midlevel, Canberra
We are expected to work 40h a week and can work flexibly as long as we complete 40h.
Graduate, Canberra
Very flexible. Nova is a place that is accommodating for where you work and if you have something on