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Lachlan Smith

6.30 AM

Alarm- Do I go for a run? Excellent question well asked haha. 

7.30 AM 

Actual wakeup- where am I working today? Woden? Russell? City! Easy peasy, can snooze again

8.45 AM

Arrive at the office- acting like I am a diligent worker who gets in early. Little do they know that I get in early to get a first look at the word of the day puzzle in the newspaper, so I have a head-start on everyone.

9.00 AM

We are off and racing for the day! After sorting through a bunch of emails from our US offices, and a fun fact of the day from a Dutch colleague I met while on a training, my to-do list takes shape and boy it’s looking like a cracking day.

9.03 AM

Cheeky coffee from our machine.

9.05 AM

Nette comes to me to see if I’m keen to head downstairs to the local coffee shop. Ha! Of course, I am. I get my brand new Greater Western Giants keep cup and head to Marvie and Wolfe- they know my name and order off by heart now. Unsure if this is good or bad. Coffee politics is huge around here. Rookies go to Milkcrate, one on one catchups are at Temporada, Group Coffees are at Psychedeli but the best coffee in the region is Marvie and Wolfe. (note: this is not a paid advertisement but M+W feel free to hit me up for sponsorship on Instagram)

9.15 AM

Work? Oh yeah, I should probably crack on to this. Today we have some red-hot, exciting audit planning! We have had some preliminary meetings with our clients to understand their program and exactly what they want from us. My morning will involve research in all the media and news coverage on a particular issue to help understand what is being said about this issue at this client. 

9.30 AM

Karim complimented my new shoes- Today is a good day.

10.30 AM

Running into a scheduled meeting with my Associate Director and Senior Consultant on an engagement. We are putting together a risk register for a client. I’ve found I weirdly love Risk work, we are pretty much sitting down with the client and figuring out all the things that could possibly go wrong and what the best responses from the organisation are to ensure that they are ready for anything.  

11.30 AM

Is it too early to have lunch?  I brought a curry I made last night and I am so keen... no no no, I’ll be good.

12.30 PM

Now I can actually guilt-free take lunch. We undertake in the crossword Thunderdome which is where you will see our office get the most competitive... I lose. 

I go out for a little stroll to meet a mate who also works in the city for a milkshake. He stitched me up with the bill but haha that’s alright at HG

1.30 PM

Roll back into my tasks for the day drafting up an approach for the best way to review the topic I spent the morning researching. After getting the go ahead from my manager I’ll send it off to the client for their comment.

3.00 PM

Little powwow on grad recruitment and me writing this- talking about myself? Never?

3.30 PM

Finally on my hot streak getting work done- booked in a few fieldwork meetings and writing up agendas and question lists.

5.15 PM

Local Associate Director kicks me out of the office- says she wants to leave and feels bad if consultants stay longer than her so it’s time to pack up and get moving. 

6.00 PM

Get home for a quick little snack before the main event for the day!

6.45 PM

Here we go, Protiviti Netball team out on the court- we have all 9 players available- get ready for an elite display and you’ll never guess who we are playing? A rival consulting firm. I run them ragged in Centre- Some senior cons clean up in the shooting circle and a director dominates in GK. We won! First win in a few weeks but every week is a bit of fun nonetheless.

8.30 PM

Should I go for that after dinner run? Ha! Great question well asked. 

PostScript- the word of the day from the newspaper was FACETIOUS smh