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Job Satisfaction at Protiviti

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
It is dependent on client work - sometimes you may be very busy and other times you may be waiting for the client so you can get started on work. I am currently working at a client site, so you are required to be proactive and get ahead of tasks
Graduate, Sydney
Carrying out fieldwork on client site. Manage project budget and efforts. Leading meetings with stakeholders. Writing reports and performing testing.
Graduate, Sydney
Completing risk and audit engagements. Day-to-day responsibilities include client meetings, fieldwork and report writing.
Graduate, Melbourne
Helping out senior colleagues with various projects. Completing training modules.
Graduate, Canberra
Move between clients, given independence and autonomy, helping on a range of different projects, working in a team.
Graduate, Canberra
Day-to-day responsibilities depends on which project you're on, and whether that particular project has work that can be done for that day. Often, you'll find that for the project you have been assigned to, there will be delays with the business group or administration delays that don't allow you to work on the project for that day. To start the day off it's always good to check with a senior to ensure you're able to work on the project for that day. If not, you're usually assigned to help out with another project and they'll set out your duties for the day (or the period that you aren't able to work on your own project).
Graduate, Canberra
I am contracted full time in a loan staff arrangement with a client filling a role as a Financial Systems Analyst
Graduate, Canberra